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Candy Collection - 1D6 - Select Your Dice Color - Dice sold individually

How would you prove it?

Nice looking dice that are supposed to be drilled so all sides are equal.They look like the depths are different and maybe it’s so but how would you know and does it really make a difference? I like the idea even though, I don’t know why.

Perfect Dice

Have been considering precision dice for several years, mainly for playing Advanced Squad Leader. Finally took the plunge with Gravity Dice, attracted by the great looking online pics, and the promise of solid materials, equal in task to the weighty outcomes of each dice roll.

Dice are the perfect size and weight - just spot-on! The **feel** when rolling is a real pleasure. Together with the colored Candy Collection dice, I purchased silver Scratch & Dent Adoptions (to act as white dice for ASL) and to be honest, could not spot any more flaws in these beyond the very discrete anodising marks that all the dice share.

Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Not sure if the lack of online stock is a COVID related slowdown (with less face to face gaming), but really hope this line of dice continues.


Love the dice! They are great to play with and feel so good in your hand!

Amazing Dice

I got these a few days ago because I just recently got back into tabletop games. I wanted a nice set of dice to go with it that will last forever. I have to say that I really like these dice. They feel nice in the hand, they roll well, they have a really durable coating, and they look really good!

I really like the shiny clear coat they put on the candy collection. They look much better than the regular ones. My only complaints are that there aren't 6 candy colors to complete a set and the marks left from the anodizing process. These dice deserve 5/5 start, though. They're really cool and a great coversation starter.