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Character storage crate, Game mat, and Metal Polyhedral Dice Set 

Gravity Dice Character Crates are CNC Machined by C&C Woodsmith. Pick one up today along with the Worlds Best Polyhedral Dice. 

The Crate 

This Character Crate has two padded pockets for miniatures, one large pocket for dice, and a removable lid to be used as a dice rolling tray. It is crafted from American Cherry and finished with a special recipe that will enhance the natural darkening process of the wood. It will be a beautiful addition to your game nights.

The Character Crate has 3 primary functions

  • Miniature Figurine Container: The Character Crate will come  with two miniature pockets. Perhaps you want to store two characters in a Crate or maybe you have a trusty companion or familiar who deserves their own space. The second pocket can also hold your extra dice. These pockets will have foam padding to protect your heroes. These pockets are designed with plenty of room for standard 28mm miniatures. Upgrade to leather inserts to quite those rolls and enhance the overall look of your new crate. See below for more details.
  • Dice Container: The larger pocket will comfortably accommodate a full polyhedral set of Gravity Dice in a special designed foam cutout.
  • Dice Rolling Tray: The lid of the Character Crate is completely removable from the Crate itself and is designed to be used as a dice rolling tray. With half inch walls it should contain even the most exuberant dice rolling enthusiast. The lid/tray can be placed back on the Crate in any rotation and is held on by the lip as well as 8 rare earth magnets.

Get your crate by itself or pick up the bundle with a set of Gravity Dice Polyhedral Dice. 

The Dice

This Gravity Dice Polyhedral Dice set is made up of 7 platonic solids. Each die is machined to high precision out of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated in our signature military coating so they will resist dents, dings, or chips during normal game play. Each die is hand-engraved with a special laser one side at a time and has a perfect center of gravity. 

Each dice is machined to the highest precision standards for Aerospace Machining with all dice being within 150 Microns of each other, 0.15mm, making Gravity Dice the Worlds most precise dice available.

The Game Mat

Our Game Mats are 24x14x1/8. Thick mats with sewn boarders. We have 4 designs to select from.

**Product does not include the miniature. If you would like to add the leather linings it is $10.00 more. Click here to add to cart 

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