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About this project

Gravity Dice™ Dragon Forged Polyhedral 7 Dice Set and LED Dice Vault

Up until now, the focus of our company has been to create high-quality aluminum dice that are perfectly balanced. We have been blown away by the reviews and comments that customers have given us about our aluminum dice sets and have taken their feedback into consideration.

One of the biggest requests we’ve had is for an entry-level dice set that is more affordable than our metal dice, yet still made without compromise. After a bit of research and tinkering, we’ve come up with precision-crafted PMMA dice that we think you will love.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Dice

Our Gravity Dice™ have been designed to not only be as precise as possible in their manufacturing but also to change the way dice roll to make them more enjoyable, more random and completely unique. Each angle, corner, and chamfer was analyzed and reconfigured during weeks of testing.

Why We Use PMMA

PMMA, also called acrylic glass, has a high surface hardness, meaning it is very scratch resistant. It is also easily machined, easily cleaned, and lightweight. PMMA is also fully recyclable (although we know you’d never throw your awesome dice away!).

With a precision of less than 100 microns and engineered to enhance your random roll mechanics, these PMMA dice are simply amazing.

Computer Generated Render. Dice and Case Colors may vary slightly.
Computer Generated Render. Dice and Case Colors may vary slightly.


Our Polyhedral Dice Set

We are offering a full set of polyhedral dice which includes 7 Dice: D20, D12, D10, D10%, D8, D6, and a D4. Each of our dice will have the numbers formed into the dice and will then be color-filled to help maintain the perfect balance.

Polyhedral sizes are as follows: The D20 measures 20 mm from face to face (FF) and 21.98 mm at its peak. The D12 is slightly smaller at 18 mm FF, the D10 and D10% measure 18 mm Point to Point (PP), the D8 is also 18 mm PP, the D6 is 16 mm FF and the D4 is 16 mm PP.

Our first available colors: Translucent Red, Translucent Smoke, Translucent Blue, Translucent Teal, and Translucent Purple. As we reach our stretch goals we will unlock new colors and options.


LED Dragon Forged Dice Vault:

The Light-Up Dragon Case will be in a solid color with translucent dice to match and will come with white LEDs and replaceable batteries.

LED Dragon Forged Dice Vault Specifications:

Inner plastic tube casing: Height: 6.25," Diameter: 1.25"

The vault can hold up to 9 dice, depending on the size and shape of the dice. It comfortably fits our set of 7 polyhedral dice or 9 D6s.

 As a stretch goal, we will be upgrading all light-up cases with RGB LEDs, a rechargeable battery and micro USB for recharging the unit. 

Stretch Goals

Our initial funding goal is $10,000 

During the campaign, you can choose between 5 color options for the Dragon forged Dice Set and Light Up Case Set. You can choose between; Translucent Smoke, Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Translucent Teal, and Translucent Purple.

The Dragon Tube will be in the solid colors and will light up with three LEDs and use two cr2032 batteries. It will come with a set of 7 Dragon Forged Dice in the colors above. 

The case and dice combinations will be: 

Black with Translucent Smoke, Red with Translucent Red, Blue with Translucent Blue, Teal with Translucent Teal, and Purple with Translucent Purple.

*Add-Ons will be available once our campaign goal is reached. We will announce the add-ons available soon!


 At this stretch goal, we will expand our offering of dice colors. New color options will be announced soon. 


 At this stretch goal, we will change the circuit board to include three multi-color LEDs (red, green, and blue) and a push button to change the colors. 


In addition to the multi-color LED and push button from the second stretch goal, we will include a rechargeable battery and a micro USB port to recharge the battery.  

4TH STRETCH GOAL $ 100,000 ;)

Let's just say it would be amazing! May involve a bending the laws of physics.


June 30th to July 30th we will run the Kickstarter campaign. During this time we have already started to make the precision molds for the dice. 

June 30th, 2017

  • Denver Comic Con
  • Kickstarter Release

July 2017

  • Salt Lake Gaming Con
  • We start machining the molds for the Dragon Vault. 
  • First production samples will arrive last two weeks of this month.
  • Work on final color mixtures 
  • Final packaging design sent to printer

August 2017 

  • Collect Kickstarter reports and answer any questions. 
  • Start making circuit boards for Dragon Vault and order batteries.
  • Start manufacturing the dice.
  • Print packaging and packaging mold.

September 2017

  • Long Beach Comic Con 
  • Receive D20 Keychains and bumper stickers
  • Start shipping keychains
  • Salt Lake Comic Con
  • Finish manufacturing 
  • Start assembly and packaging
October 2017
  • Cutoff for submitting shipping addresses
November 2017
  • Start assembling orders
  • Finish Color Selection and testing
  • Final Production 
December 2017
  • Shipping!!!!!!
  • Game Night in Salt Lake City (Details Coming)
January 2017
  • Game Night Orange County California

Risks and challenges

We have already started machining the molds. Our biggest hurdle will be hitting the color and appearance we are working towards. We are working with a material specialist that has over 30 years' experience in material mixtures and colorants. We are expecting to get the colors spot on, but we could possibly have a short delay if shipping the samples back and forth takes longer than expected.

Our second hurdle will be shipping. We have learned a lot about fulfillment since we started Gravity Dice in 2014. It will be a hurdle if we get more than 7,000 orders, but we are confident in our new shipping setup. We have greatly improved our shipping process to get your Kickstarter products to you quickly.

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