About Gravity Dice

Have you ever thought that the perfect dice doesn't exist? Well, we are here to tell you that we have created the PERFECT dice. GRAVITY DICE was created with the avid gamer in mind, who wants a unique feel, complete randomized rolls & to wow their opponents.

Gravity Dice:

With all the plastic and cast metal dice out there, we noticed that none had complete randomized rolls and didn't feel unique in the hand. With some calculation and a lot of work we created what we believe to be (and hopefully you too!) to be the perfect dice. With proper care and use, these dice should last a lifetime and be the last set of dice you ever need! Please note that some batches of dice on our website will show wear and the color wears faster than our older batches. The following dice are affected by this issue: Gold D6s, Red Polyhedral Dice Set, Purple Polyhedral Dice Set, and Black Polyhedral Dice Set.

Our dice are precision machined out aircraft grade aluminum, featuring chamfered edges, which allow the dice to have a more complete, random roll. The dice are then anodized and coated in our signature coating, to protect from scratches and fading. Lastly, the pips are drilled to perfectly calculated depths, meaning each die has a perfect center of gravity. Want to test the balance of your dice? Try balancing the dice on their edges or tips! Sometimes the dice will land on the edges when rolled, which is exciting and unique to see!


The Evolution of Gravity Dice: