Our Story


GRAVITY DICE were born from the desire for beautiful quality precision machined products. Our aim was to develop a series of products that reignites our imaginations, elevate the concept of quality and has a near zero impact to our environment.

One night while playing one of my favorite games (Risk), I realized that I had a beautiful wooden game board and exquisitely carved game markers. But as I rolled the dice to see who would win the battles It left me without the satisfying feel of quality in my hand. I thought to myself why not create dice that are perfectly balanced, hand machined and made with quality materials. Later the next day while at my machine shop we started to design our first prototype.

What we came up with was the Gravity Dice. A perfect balanced set of dice that have a unique feel and texture of their own to give you a sensation only Gravity Dice can fulfill.

Gravity Dice 

Elevate your game with Gravity Dice. Gravity Dice are CNC Machined dice that have been calculated to have a perfect center of gravity. We utilize the most advanced 3D modeling and simulation to bring you perfectly balanced dice. Through complex model algorithms we found a balance between great weight, center of gravity and exceptional style.

Unlike most traditional machined or molded dice we start with aircraft grade aluminum extrusions and then machine them down to be a perfect cube. We then decided on an initial whole depth for the six side of the dice which gave us best visibility, shape and esthetics. We then used mathematical calculations to adjust the depth of all other holes to match the amount of material removed from the six side to be equal on all the other sides. We then used a 3D modeling program to map out the center of gravity or COG. This allowed us to verify our calculations.

Once we had our balanced dice we looked at roll and bounce characteristics of the cubes themselves and decided upon a set chamfer on the edges to allow for more random rolls. What we ended up with are beautiful machined dice that seem to have a unique roll quality that you can truly feel. And to top it all off you can actually check the precision by being able to balance any dice on any edge as long as you have a flat level surface (a lot of fun). 

But we did not stop there. We decided that having a cool set of dice is only half the experience. We wanted our customers to feel the quality in both the packaging experience as well as the playing experience so we designed precision cases that will house your dice to both protect them between games and to look elegant on you gaming table.

How We Started

We started Gravity Dice in 2004 at GWC Design school in Huntington Beach, Ca. We initially dreamed the idea of truly high precision dice with a higher randomization than regular plastic dice. Our aim was to produce some income while in school. And wow the response has been truly amazing. After many struggles to achieve our true goal we are proud to present these truly remarkable products.