Q&A for Liquidation Sale

Why are we having a liquidation sale?

It has come to our attention that our last batch of dice and dice cases do not meet our quality standards. The metal is high grade, and the dice are still precision and perfectly balanced. However, the coating on the dice and cases wear extremely fast. Because of this issue, we have decided to sell everything at a discounted price and disclose the issue to our customers. There will be items on sale that are not affected by this quality issue, please make sure to read the product description to determine if that item is affected by the quality issue.  Items that are affected will also have an asterisk next to the title name.

After finding out about this issue, we decided that we had to tell the truth to our customers. We hope that if you have purchased dice from the "bad" batch, that you will give us a chance at making it right and give us another try once the issue has been resolved. 

During this liquidation sale, we will not be offering free shipping on any orders. Shipping price will vary on the weight of package.


What can I do to help the coating last longer?

We recommend rolling your dice on softer surfaces like game mats, dice trays, carpet, etc. Also, do not shake them excessively while playing.


What if I previously purchased dice from this batch?

If you purchased dice after July 1, 2019, your dice are more than likely affected by this quality issue. Please send us an email or submit the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to know your options – sales@gravitydice.com

If you purchased dice before July 1, 2019 your dice should not be affected.

When contacting us or submitting the form at the bottom of this page, please include your Order number and/or First and Last Name in Subject Line. We also ask that you please attach photos of your purchased dice showing extreme wear (we are aware that you can not attach photos when using the form at the bottom of the page. Please submit photos once we reply back to your email.)


The following items have been affected as of July 1, 2019:

D6 Dice – Light Green, Ocean Water Teal, Red, Gold, Black, Out of this World Collection: NGC 1569

Dice Cases – 6 Dice Case: Black, Light Blue; 2 Dice Case: Light Blue, Black

Polyhedral Dice Chambers – Red, Dark Green, Silver, Black

X-wing Dice

Polyhedral Sets – Black, Purple, Ocean Water Teal, Red

D20: Red, Ocean Water Teal, Out of this World Collection: NGC 1569

Table Breaker D20 – Light Blue, Red